Program-based Learning Communities & Competency-Based Training Workshop

Five Learning Community Meetings were conducted throughout Semester A. Even though participation was on a voluntary basis, around 60% of all first-year students participated in the learning communities and/or workshops. Students discussed and shared on areas of their interest, such as self-understanding, goal setting, time-management, and stress-management. In each session, there were situation games, discussion time, and network building across cohorts. Learning community serves as a friendly support group to nurture individual growth, set up both short-term and long-term study goals, and facilitate successful transition from secondary to university learning.

Workshops aim at providing information on learning resources and linking academic study with vocational interests. A total of seven sessions were offered in 2008-2009. In Semester A, nearly 70% of all first-year students attended at least two of the four workshops which covered academic skills, such as learning styles (LASSI), library resources, academic writing, and academic presentation. In Semester B, topics related to vocational interests, group dynamics and study strategies were offered after receiving feedbacks and suggestions from freshmen.