Project X City University of Hong Kong Department of Applied Social Science


Dr. Alice Ming Lin CHONG, Convener of Project X

To enhance students’ ownership in learning and to facilitate their adjustment to university life, a student-centred, non-credit bearing co-curricular program named “Project X for Learning Excellence” (Project X) has been specially designed and implemented by the Department of Applied Social Studies since 2008/09. The ultimate goals of Project X are for the students to become life-long learners, competent future job candidates and community contributors. Throughout these years, various experiential learning activities are being organized, including program-specific learning communities; academic skills training workshops, student advising, training, support to student mentors and discovery-oriented community awareness projects, and so on.

The success of Project X relies heavily on the ardent support of numerous individuals and groups who have contributed significantly both behind the scene and on the stage. I am very pleased to have this opportunity to convey my appreciation to them here. First of all, I would like to express my immense gratitude to Professor Way Kuo, our President; Professor Arthur B. Ellis, the Provost; Professor Paul Lam, Vice-President (Student Affairs), Professor Kingsley Bolton, Acting Dean;, and Professor Alex Kwan, our Department Head. Without their unfailing support, the dream of Project X could never be realized.

My gratitude and appreciation must go to members of our Advisory Committee, Foundation Year Team and the Student Mentoring Team, who always generously devote their time and effort to give advice and offer support to Project X. I am also much impressed with the endless effort offered by our hardworking team members. Committed to assisting and enhancing students’ growth and whole person development, they are always in high team spirit, and are always there for the students. They have been doing a marvelous job and it is my pride and honor to be part of the team.

I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to colleagues from SS as well as other departments, our alumni, our supporting units and many others. They have been providing constructive suggestions and opinions, offering genuine help and support, even when they are already fully engaged with their commitments. Their selfless contribution and their commitment to student development are very much appreciated.

A big thank you should go to our student mentors for their passion to support the freshmen. With their initiative and efforts, daunting crossroads have turned into fantastic opportunities for our freshmen who thus become much better prepared for the challenges ahead.

With regard to students’ changes and development, among those whom I have come into contact with in teaching and other activities, I am very happy to find significant improvement and delightful changes, including enhanced self-confidence, greater readiness to speak in English, and closer bonding with each other. They become more self-disciplined, more able to discover the connection between classroom learning with community issues; and are creative in contributing to the social good of the society. Isn’t it exciting and rewarding to see these delightful changes?

This website serves to provide information on what we are doing at Project X, and what SS students are experiencing in their university life. The website also serves as a bridge between different stake-holders who are interested in student growth and learning. Your comments and support are always welcome.


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